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Hello,  I am Paul and i want to welcome you to our site. 

I Am. The change movement is a platform for personal excellence and change, and is built upon one underlying principle, and that is... 
If you are not happy with any area of your life, it is your responsibility to change it. Therefore, when you are willing to see your self as the problem, only then can you begin to see your self as the solution.

This work and platform has all been based around my own experience with depression and Anxiety, and throughout this site I simply share what has worked or me. 

My journey encompasses 10 years, from depression, and loneliness, to happily engaged, and free to travel the world at the age of 40. 

It is my greatest pleasure, to teach others how to move though depression or anxiety, and craft a life of their dreams.. ( with out the 10 years of research it took me.

Thanks Again for stopping by. Paul
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The 6 Human Needs
The psychology behind working hard, staying in bad relationships and more.
I read a heap of books on productivity, psychology, success and performance. They all talk about various concepts and strategies to get stuff done and improve your life, but none are as powerful as the “6 human needs”, which Tony Robbins refers to as the reason we do anything.
Understanding the 6 human needs has had a profound impact on my life and has helped me understand why I “do what I do”, so I thought I’d share a quick primer in the hope that it’ll do the same for you.
How Your Behaviour Shapes Your World

Love Languages

Communication is a fundamental pillar in the work we do,  as we know that by possessing the ability to communicate, you will be able to express your self more clearly, as well as understand the needs and wants of others in a way which breeds connection and understanding. 

The five Love Languages, as Authored By Gary Chapman helps us to understand how it is that we show love towards other people, and in turn helps us to understand how other people like to show how they love us.

Often many conflicts, marriages, friendships and families fall apart, simply because we believe we are not loved or appreciated by other people because they don't show us that they love us in ways that we recognise. 

Learning these 5 love languages will dramatically improve your relationships, virtually overnight.
Take A Closer Look At Your Health
What goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out. Are you overweight, tired, lethargic, sleep deprived, grumpy, grouchy, cranky or unfocused? Do you eat a healthy diet and still wonder why you feel less than inspired? The majority of the food that you are placing in your mouth is nutrient deficient, overloaded in either sugar or some sort of pesticide. Your environment is highly toxic ranging from the foods you ingest to the air you breath, through to the water your skin is absorbing through your daily shower.

What would happen to your car if each time you filled up with petrol, you added sugar, pesticide, herbicide, and fluoride and unrefined fuel that was 50% less efficient than the fuel of 1950? Yes, that’s right, it would break down.
Imagine that your body was free of all the toxins it’s carrying around, and free from all that sugar, whilst being full of high-nutrient foods. Let me tell you that you would not feel like the same person ever again! Your body would become a high performance machine and operate like it is supposed to. Your thinking would clear up, your energy would go through the roof and your excess weight would drop off. With a toxic, sluggish body and mind, change is simply not possible.
30 Day Goal Card

“Where do you want to go? Let's start off by focussing on just the next 30 days. There might be some areas where nothing's going to change in the said period of time, and that's okay because it really should be focused on just making little, subtle changes.

Be sure to write in the present tense (e.g. I am so happy I have lost 6 kilos of weight from my belly through my daily exercise plan, healthy eating plan, and commitment to thinking happy, vibrant thoughts.). Do not simply write down ‘Lose 6kg’. Add your start date, and in your mind live each day as if it has already happened.”

Excerpt From: Paul Newson. “I am the Change Experience-(Version-2).” iBooks.